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Uplifting parties

We are hardcore partiers. When time comes, we really let loose and shake the floor – but not in a way you’ve seen before. The twist is that we get high without substances, get inebriated from the force of life coursing through us, and we loosen things up until no rough edges remain. Parties don’t need dark or aggressive overtones to be fun; in fact, you’ll see that the best parties always open the heart.


Groups trying new things

When hanging out with friends, what was the most fun you ever had? What didn’t go so well? Are they open to doing something different? If anything were possible, who would you want to hang out with and what would you be doing? The sky really is the limit on this one.


Fun invites

Have you ever been invited to do something that was totally unexpected and came as a total surprise? Perhaps a surprise birthday party, dance or hands craft workshop? If so, you know that such an intentional gesture from a friend can mean the world. And why not make someone’s day every now and then? Maybe for their birthday? Here you’ll find all the ideas and support you need to give those you love some really unforgettable experiences.

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